Playa Panamá, Guanacaste Costa Rica


The Corporation that owns the Vista Bahia Beach Resort is Punta Vista Bahia, SA (PVBSA) a Costa Rican company. The land is a concession with the government of Costa Rica due to its location within the development area known as Papagayo. The regulator of this land is ICT (Costarican Tourist Ministry) .

The owners of the corporation are both North Americans and Costa Rican. As a team, we have successfully been part of the development teams that created Si Como No and Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio projects that have 17 years of development and operations. During these years, the industry called eco-tourism has been developed her in Costa Rica and it’s unique attribute of guests moving between resorts all within a 7-10 day vacation schedule has resulted in a world class tourist industry.

The original government concession was awarded to the company by the efforts and funds of a North American, Jeff Laufel who was from Wisconsin and believed that the fishing characteristics of the bay and this specific peninsula point was ideal for a small fishing lodge. Along with his capital and funding from two villa sales, one to a Spanish gentlemen and the other to Ralph Zaun, a Wisconsin banker and real estate developer, Jeff started the resort.

It was Jeff who working with our existing architect (as a young designer at the time) created the Palenque Building stylized theme which originated from the indigenous indians who used a communal large building as the center of their social life (a palenque). He then designed with our existing architect Braulio Ubilla two three bedroom units that were to be used as the room accommodations. Jeff built 8 more foundations, the roadways and infrastructure before running into problems due to lack of funding.