Max: 10 Adults  

The Resort was initially envisioned in early 1990’s by a LaCross Wisconsin gentleman by the name of Jeff Laufel. Jeff, having fallen in love with Costa Rica, growing up with Wisconsin lakes and Mississippi River with fishing saw the Papagayo calm bay waters as ideal for a fishing lodge. The Punta Vista Bahia peninsula juts out into the bay which creates an impediment to outflowing tidal waters. This physical restriction on the waters flow results in tidal waters moving faster on one side of this little rock peninsula and lifts the lighter sand material washing it into the bay leaving a rocky bottom which creates a holding spot for crustaceans which fish then come in for feeding.

The Palenque building used by the resort for facilities was initially built by Jeff as the beginning of the resort development and then he built to Villa house for a Grafton Wisconsin banker, Ralph Zaun to use as guest rooms. This building is using old hardwoods of Costa Rica that can no longer be found shows a world just twenty years ago that has vanished. Railing guards of mangrove roots that for environmental reasons are now prohibited for cutting due to the knowledge that mangrove habitat is the nursery for fish which of course would be ruined if all the mangroves were harvested for decorative railings! The old structure is ideal for a larger family wanting to stay in a rustic, outdoor screened in setting.

The villa has a two master bedrooms with baths on the first level, wide decks with sliding wall panels that open for airflow. The bedrooms on the first level are air-conditioned with multiple ceiling fans while the rest of the house uses fans for airflow. The house has an upstairs loft with additional beds but they are not air-conditioned except for the ceiling fans. The living room and kitchen are ideal for a family gathering with a rustic feel in a tropical setting. The Master bedrooms are expansive and can accommodate additional single beds if so needed.

The morning sunrise is at 6:00 am and is the time when birds and the monkeys are howling to proclaim their territory. The properties hillside faces the rising morning sun and calm waters of the bay when the airflow is calm. As the day continues, by 11:00 am the suns intensity has begun to push the airflow (wind) which comes directly into the property from the east. In the tropics, the weather comes from the east rather than the west as is in North America. This airflow allows for a comfortable, hot weather attire of shorts and light clothing.uries.


  • 4 Queen bed
    ● Microwave
    ● Refrigerator
    ● Coffee maker
    ● T.V
    ● Hot water
    ● Ocean view balcony
    ● Dining/living area

* Children Policy:

  • From 0 to 5 years stay free without breakfast.
  • From 6 years onwards $ 10 extra with breakfast