The Golfo of Papagayo is a jewel of Costa Rica with still unspoiled beaches and calm Pacific waters. The land was sculpted by plate tectonics that drove the Pacific plate below the Coco’s plate (named after our small community here) which created the four volcanoes within a 45 minute drive from the resort. This land has been pastureland until the Costa Rican government secured large land holdings to develop this tourist natural destination. Thus, the creation of the Liberia Airport and the Papagayo Tourist development by the Costa Rican government.

The beaches from the resort going north all the way to the Nicaraguan border are still uninhabited and now protected parks. Most are only accessible by boat and thus, the calm waters of our bay allow for walking, kayaking and small 30 foot long outboard motor craft. Our little beach we call Playitas has a mocha colored beach, gently sloping sand bottom with volcanic rock outcropping on either side. The beach is protected from the open Pacific waves by the Pacheco Point on which the resort sits.

The resort’s second beach is a one mile long gentle curve of sand going east/west with the resort sitting on the western end. The ideal swimming site is on the far side, our side has the rocky bottom which provides fish with habitat for food and thus we get birds as well as man wanting to fish the waters.

Our third beach is found by taking a short kayak trip out around the Pacheco Point and to a more opened water beach called Playa Blanca. The white beach sands are derived by a small coral reef off its shoreline. In this region of Costa Rica you can have black, mocha to white sand beaches determined by the underlying basaltic rock or living coral structures off shore.

The fourth beach we call ours is actually across the bay, access by kayak or our outdoor motor craft which is much longer and holds the largest coral reef in the bay. A great snorkeling site and day long excursion.