Playa Panamá, Guanacaste


The Golfo of Papagayo is a jewel of Costa Rica with still unspoiled beaches and calm Pacific waters. The land was sculpted by plate tectonics that drove the Pacific plate below the Coco’s plate (named after our small community here) which created the four volcanoes within a 45 minute drive from the resort. This land has been pastureland until the Costa Rican government secured large land holdings to develop this tourist natural destination. Thus, the creation of the Liberia Airport and the Papagayo Tourist development by the Costa Rican government.


Costa Rica is an angler’s dreams come true and our waters of the Golfo de Papagayo provide easy access to three simple fishing styles, Shoreline, Kayak and Costal. Deep Sea fishing requires larger equipment and charter boats out of Coco are world class.
The country’s Pacific ports and beach resorts provide access to some the best deep-sea fishing in the world. Billfish are the country’s biggest attractions, with abundant sailfish and marlin off the Pacific coast, but the fishermen also hook plenty of other feisty fighters, such as wahoo and rooster-fish.


Our resort sits on the Pacific Ocean shoreline, but twenty miles out into the ocean the Pacific tectonic plate which is floating on the planets mantel is shoved under the Coco Plate.  It is this geologic action which gives Costa Rica its earthquakes and volcanoes.  The plate drags in water from the ocean and this creates a mixing of volcanic material that is more liquid and it’s forced up to create our volcanoes.  The little tourist village directly south of us is Coco and its name was used to identify this small tectonic plate.


Surrounded by unspoiled dry tropical forest and dazzling topography, the Gulf of Papagayo is the ideal setting for water lovers.  From world class surfing at Witches Rock to sailing, diving, snorkeling or kayaking.  The waters and their pristine beaches offer this unique experience right from the resorts beachfront.  Because our Vista Bahia Peninsula and Pacheco Point create such a protected cove we call Playitas, our access is unique in that the Pacific wave action has been muted, similar to waves found on small Northern lakes.


There are four trails that lead from the resort out: Shoreline, Hilltop, Playa Panama and Tide-pool. These trails have been build or envisioned by the resort because each offers a different environment and all are comfortable walking trails. Of course, extensive hiking can be found at the four volcano parks behind the resort and information on those is located in Tours page on the this site.


Costa Rica has a lot to offer and much of it can be found in the Guanacaste area. Some suggestions that we have on local tours range from being pampered up on Volcan Rincon de la Vieja at a spa nestled among hot springs or going down and seeing one of the rarest habitats in the world at Palo Verde National Park. Any of the tours can be scheduled at the front desk or even prior to your arrival. A list of tours is available in your room or at the front desk.