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  • Snorkeling Tours at Hotel Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste
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Snorkeling Guanacaste, Costa Rica

We have two types of snorkeling from the resort.  Our Playitas beach has rock outcroppings on either side of its sandy bottom.  On the Pacheco side of the beach, the rock outcropping goes out to open ocean and a small coral reef which is best suited to more experienced snorkelers.

Then, the resort offers through our small boat captain quick jaunts out to to different coral and beach snorkeling trips that take three to four hours and of course, our sailing tours also include snorkeling.

There are hundreds of beaches along the coast of Guanacaste, from tiny coves, rocky pinnacles, large white sand beaches or bays with calm waters. Most of the beaches in Guanacaste have rocks on both ends, separating them from other beaches, and that is where the visitors can go snorkel.

Snorkeling in Guanacaste is usually best during the dry season months, from December to April, but the other months may be equally great, with astounding visibility, plenty of fish and corals and other underwater creatures.

Snorkeling is one of the activities we highly recommend. Visitors that go snorkeling may encounter sea turtles, colorful fish of many species, corals, morays and other species of creatures. Also, there is no need for a certification if you wish to go snorkeling, as you do in scuba diving, so it is a tour easy to do. Snorkeling basically divides into snorkeling by yourself around or along the rocks basically found in almost all the beaches in Guanacaste, or visitors can also go on a snorkeling tour, with boat, guide and captain, which will take them to a beautiful underwater site located a bit far off the beach, impossible to be reached by swimming or walking.

The waters surrounding Costa Rica are home to nearly 7,000 marine species, some 3.5% of the total aquatic life on Earth. Snorkeling through these warm, clear waters is a fabulous way to enjoy this aquatic biodiversity.

A variety of tropical fish including puffers, barracudas, parrotfish, snappers and butterfly fish can be found swimming amongst brightly colored coral reefs, while on the seafloor below, starfish, sea cucumbers and sand dollars can be seen creeping slowly along. For those who wish to snorkel in the clear, warm waters, gear will be provided for your enjoyment as you explore the sea caves and shore reefs. This fantastic snorkeling will take you to remote beaches, with white and clam waters and an alive and interesting underwater wildlife. Snorkeling is one of the most relaxing activities available in Costa Rica and one of the easiest on the wallet. Immaculate beaches, hidden coves and plentiful marine life set the scene for unforgettable water excursions.  




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