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Great Oceanfront Resort in Costa Rica...!

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The resort site is a 22 acre property with a 1,350' of shoreline bay frontage. That frontage has been protected from disturbance other than for our trails, bridges, viewing perches and beach access. The property sits on a peninsula and the hilltop of that peninsula is likewise on the property and its forest have also been protected. This setting has allowed the property to host a guest's emersion into the habitat of a dry tropical forest overlooking the calm bay's pristine waters.


The resorts lobby, restaurant, bar and pool are located within a building we call the Palenque (an indigenous building for communal activities). The was stylized by Jeff Laufel who is the original developer as a communal fishing center since the resorts peninsula was used by indigenous people for fishing. The hand hewn wood columns and stone sculptures are unique. This building acts a the central hub to the resort activities but sits down at the lower end of the resort property, away from the rooms which are accessed by a short our short circular electric cart road. Guests are transported to their rooms on electric carts or walking so that the upper portion where our rooms are located are not disturbed by vehicle noise.


The weather here in Guanacaste is mild with daytime temperature reaching 90 degree fahrenheit in January to April and 80's the rest of the year. This weather allows for the restaurant to be open on all sides with air moving through constantly. Morning breakfasts are served here, the cuisine is Peruvian with seating for 36. The bar is part of the restaurant and the waiter staff also serve as bartenders. The pool is sided by two wings of private seating areas so that gusts can relax outside of direct sun if so desired. The pool is serviced by the bar and kitchen staff which are adjacent to the pool.


The resort rooms are located in eight buildings, four units per building which are perched on the ridge overlooking the bay and the three volcanoes east. This ridge faces east which allows the tropical breezes that come from the east to enter directly into the property. Since this ridge is twenty meters above sea level, rooms look out into treetops with birdlife and wildlife directly out one's window. In the January to June dry season, the trees have lost their leaves and the area is open for viewing. In the green season the trees emerald green frames open views out to the blue bay waters. Rooms have queen size beds with sleeper sofa for a second bed. Since vehicle traffic is not allowed adjacent to the rooms, the quite of nature is only broken by the occasional howl of a male monkey letting the world know of his territory. Morning is time to wander and look for birds and wildlife.


The resorts two beaches are located on either side of the peninsula lookout and are accessible via trails that we call Shoreline. This trail goes from the Palenque Building to both beaches and allows access down a steep incline to the beach with a series of switchback trails. The resort is building additional infrastructure trails and bridges to these sites and lookout perches.








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