Buru Park on Orosi Volcano

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VistaBahiaResort, Costa Rica, Volcano Orosi, Buru Park, Alirio Hoseback Riding

Yes, we laughed because it has been years since he rode a horse! We were up at Buru looking at trails, hiking into the jungle on old paths wanting to see old growth forest. Victor our host was showing us moss covered old growth trees and paths created by tapir who live here.

Monteverde Train Tour, Quetzal Park

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Having spent twenty years developing tourist facilities in Costa Rica I am still amazed almost every trip. Here, after so much time I brought my kids up to Monteverde Cloud Forest to see a train that associates of mine built. Hard to believe a train for what and up in the cold!! Being originally from Wisconsin, going to the cold was not my idea of fun and finally after all these year I was forced to go up into the cloud forest.

Oh My God! When I was brought out on the train to see the volcano and lake below, the Quetzal’s and so much life. When we had a guide help us I learned so much and it was such an exhilarating experience, when I had the kids down this last year we all had to head up so I could show them.

Yes, the drive up is hard, 3 hours but two in a bumpy dirt road, Quakers from the States came here to build a new life, preserved the cloud forest, handed it to scientists to protect and study and then the tourists came. A great place and one we will need to get more involved in. If you can, you need to see this, a once in a lifetime if you are a lover of nature!

The Guanacaste Character, Old Man & Wood

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This is Guanacaste, driving up to the volcanoes, alongside the road a rancher using his ox to gather wood! Being able to stop, talk to the extent we could understand and he being so friendly, having a laugh at us looking at him, he looking at us.

What a country and two different cultures, different times and intersect so safely and a link between humanity!!!

White-throated Magpie-Jay, a Symbiotic Relationship with Tourists!

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Our restaurant is an open air facility which most are in Costa Rica down on the beaches since insects are not a real problem and airflow in the heat is. Of course, when breakfast is served at the resort, our bluejay population has realized food for the baby’s is readily available. They do not like eggs and bacon but prefer the sugar packets. Many guest love this and encourage the birds but we try and stop this behavior of feeding the wildlife with very little success.

Finally, in anger I informed our restaurant staff that we would from now on, put a plate of fruit out in the morning for the birds to stop them from harassing the guests. It worked and I was pleased with the overall plan. The birds baby’s were being fed, the guests still happy since they could see the outside area where we put out a plate of fruit.

On my last trip down, I found out the birds had chosen a new menu, they loved the toast and bread rather then the good fruit. I enjoy pancakes in the morning and then tried to give them some leftover with syrup and of course, they choose this instead of even the bread.

The moral of the story known well as I raise two young boys, is that no mater what the species, sugar and sweets is preferred over that healthy fruit!

2013 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

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Vista Bahia Beach Resort has received the 2013 Certificate of Excellence Award. This award is created by guests who choose to post a review of the resort for other travelers. This technology that has created this evaluative tool,  Trip Advisor is a hard school master   creating independent and often dreaded negative critiques of a hotel. Dreaded because all staff and management fear the negative review and enjoy the positive. We here at Vista Bahia see the negative review as a call to action, a questioning of our procedures and efforts directing us to improve.

In the marketplace, the resort has been boosted by guests opinions but in reality, it was the natural characteristics of our land and its wildlife presented by our staff. The character of Costa Rica, Pure Life beliefs and the desire to see guests happy and satisfied.

Thank you for your reviews!

Playa Jicaro Snorkeling Beach

Across the bay, a short five minute boat ride or 40 minute kayak paddle is the white sand beach Playa Jicaro.  Created by a small coral reef inside the bay, these waters are easily accessible to snorkeling, swimming and relaxing.

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A Quick Fishing Trip!

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Robert was delighted, within a fifteen minute ride, a line in the water and bam!

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Vista Bahia Resort, Costa Rica, Maps, Fishing Coastal Spot

Robert came down to Costa Rica with his wife on a normal vacation to see our Nature. While at the resort he decided to kill some time and go out fishing for a half day trip, he enjoyed the verbal banter the night before with Luis Chavaria, our boats Captain and felt the $240 for a half day trip would be fun. They needed a second mate and Aliro, our resorts gardener wanted to go and help out, he being from the Central Valley and fishing for him here in Guanacaste in the bay and coastal waters was new.

Well, when they came back their stories were loud, their pictures in hand and delight at offering everyone some Mahi Mahi for dinner.  Bob was so excited with the catches, he could not believe that right there, but 15 minutes from the resort they could catch so many fish with fighters such as the Mahi Mahi.   In fact, Bob had so many hock-ups with fish, he wanted to give the rod to Alirio to bring in the second Mahi Mahi so he could get the feeling of brining in a bigger fish.  Robert left Costa Rica amazed, never thinking that just going out, 15 minutes from the resort out to our islands would result in such great fishing.

Our waters are protected, the sailfish are returned to the sea, the Mahi Mahi is dinner. Fishing required a permit which Luis purchases and provides all the gear.  Luis was born on the white sand beach across the bay from us, Jicaro Beach, has lived and worked in these waters his whole life.  Our Front Desk staff will set up an interview with Luis prior to heading out as Bob did. Different times of the year produce different results due to migratory and wind conditions.

Our Costa Rica Playground!


Vista Bahia Resort & Hotel is located on the third bay going north. Coco Beach and community, then Playa Hermosa is the next beach. Then inside the bay the third beach north is Playa Panama where the resort lies. The peninsula point is where the Four Seasons is located.

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I call this beach the Secluded Beach, never is there anyone on it but huge turtle nests, rare unspoiled sand, nature nature nature with an incredible sunset view!


Rio Celeste is a river created from rains on Volcano Tenorio where two different fivers merge, one acidic and hosting a mineral outcropping in which the acidic water interacts with this mineralization which creates the blue sky river!

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Vista Bahia is set at a juncture between jungle volcanoes, inland waterways and spectacular beaches and waters of Papagayo Waters.

Only in northern Costa Rica can you find the unique world of five volcanoes rising from the plains and due to volcanic lava flows out into the Pacific, coves, peninsula’s with hidden coral reefs supporting a snorkeling and scuba diving paradise. The unique geology of the Nicoya Peninsula where its is theorized the Galapagos hot spot created ancient basaltic plumes pushed into Central America helping create Costa Rica and as a result, the river, Rio Tempisque flows all the way from the Nicaraguan border down to central Costa Rica out the Gulf of Nicoya. This unique characteristic keeps all the sedimentation found with river drainage away from the waters of Papagayo resulting in clear, unique waters to explore.

And yet, a few miles inland from the coast, these five volcanoes acting as sentinels to the winds from the east, rising to cloud forests found on each to the world renowned Monteverde Cloud forest. All accessible from only this area.