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Great Oceanfront Resort in Costa Rica...!

  • White water rafting tours at Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Seclude and Private Beach for tanning at Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Kayaking at Sunset at Hotel Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste
  • Horseback riding tours at Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Near shore Fishing at Vista Bahia Resort, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica
  • Zip-line tours at Hotel Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Guanacaste
  • Deep sea fishing Tours at Vista Bahia Resort, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica
  • Scuba diving tours at Vista Bahia Resort, Playa Chorotega, Guanacaste
  • Water tours at Vista Bahia Resort, Playas del Coco, Guanacaste
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With so much to do both here at the resort and our region, we decided to divide our website into five different typesofactivity groupings. Our front desk staff will help you with identify schedules, trip durations, costs and best times.

Costa Rica offers many exciting ways to immerse you in its natural elements. It is the consummate destination for exploring ecosystems and connecting with a peaceful culture. Whether discovering fascinating species with a friendly Costa Rican guide, zipping across the rainforest canopy, or relaxing in a volcano-heated hot spring, there are a variety of tours and activities to engage travelers of all types.

One thing that makes Costa Rica such a wonderful place to visit is that for such a small country it offers an extraordinary range of outdoor adventures. There are many landscapes to discover and many fun ways to explore them. People of all ages can enjoy safe and thrilling adventure activities; and if one thrill is not enough, there are plenty of others to experience - river rafting, ocean kayaking, cave exploration, horseback riding, rappelling down waterfall canyons, zooming on ATVs, or Expeditions perhaps flying across the jungle on a zip line. The country is an adventure-seekerís Paradise.

Our resorts location is ideal to access the water and all its diverse characteristics to volcano exploration, river adventures and community beach hoping. This northern region boasts a diverse exploration opportunity.

Marine activities are abundant in Costa Rica's beach destinations, and they include snorkeling, sport fishing, kayaking, scuba, catamaran tours, and marine mammal observation. In addition to enjoying the sun and waves on many of these marine tours, you may also have the opportunity to spot colorful fish, sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and other abundant ocean life in Cost Ricaís warm tropical waters.


A visit to Costa Rica is hardly complete without a walk through its dense forests, where giant trees are home to hundreds of epiphyte plants, the sounds of diverse bird species can be heard in the air, and slow-moving sloth lounge high in the upper canopy. It is Costa Ricaís abundant nature and the ability for visitors to directly experience its natural environment that makes Costa Rica such a special place to explore and much more than a typical vacation destination. Nearly every activity in Costa Rica incorporates a nature element, but walking through the forest with a naturalist guide, meandering along suspension bridges through the canopy, or cruising around shallow seas in search of whales and dolphins, are just a few examples of the many activities with a specific focus on nature.



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